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So personal. So profoundly healing.
I recommend without reservation. -David (Eureka, IL)

"My newborn had been dealing with tummy troubles and her [infant massage class] techniques helped me soothe his digestive system until he developed through the stage. I would recommend [Body & Spirit Massage Therapy] to anyone as a first step for any muscle, nerve issues - before Chiropractic, MD, or PT treatments - as a small dose of their care has gone a long way to treat any symptoms I have struggled with! Don't miss out on this amazing service our community has to offer!" -Abby (Congerville, IL)

"I have tried all of Rebekah's massages. Thai Yoga massage makes you amazingly flexible. The Swedish is therapeutic and relaxing. My absolute favorite is the hot stone massage! An hour and a half of pure relaxing bliss! I was a massage therapist when I was younger and have searched for a therapist that could do what I expect and I have found her! You will never be disappointed with her! Keep up the amazing work, I'll be back!" -Gaspar (El Paso, IL)

 Regarding her doula services, she did so amazing that the nursing staff at hospital said she was one of the best they had seen. Very involved and hands on. -Amelia (Quincy, IL)

"Rebekah did amazing. She did an abdominal massage. I seriously can sneeze and cough without an accident, ladies you know what I'm talking about. Great job, will definitely go back." -Jeanie (Eureka, IL) 

Very nice! First class and professional....can't wait for my next appointment! -Brian (Bloomington, IL) 

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