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Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your physical and mental health.

All services are provided by appointment, either in my studio or outcall for those approved clients who do not wish or are not able to travel.

Chair massage is available in studio or for office or private events.

Chair massage services available in studio, home, or business. Group chair massage for workplaces or events may be booked for a rate of $60/hr. Each massage will last approximately 5-20 minutes, depending on number of clients to be seen in the allotted time. Monthly membership packages are available and make a great employee health benefit or staff appreciation!

Special Considerations

Thai Yoga Massage

For Thai Massage, please notify therapist at time of booking that you would like to have Thai massage, and wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing to your appointment. Thai massage is performed fully clothed but involves more movement (a form of passive yoga for mobility and relaxation) than Swedish massage. No oils are used, and it can be performed on a traditional Thai massage floor mat or on the massage table. Although a "challenge" is welcome in the level of stretching done in Thai Massage, considerations and adaptations will be made based on individual clients' levels of mobility.


Couples Massage

While all other services may be booked online through the new scheduling software, couples massages must be booked with me directly. This is because I must coordinate scheduling with a second therapist. Please let me know one or two preferred dates/times that would work for you when requesting a couples massage so that we may sychronize all 4 involved parties' schedules. Couples massages may be held in the same room or in separate rooms and may be any combination of friends or family (does not need to be a romantic couple), so it's a good chance to share the experience with a parent or child, friend or sibling, spouse or partner.


Massage for Kids

Children benefit from massage too! Whether in treatment of a particular health concern, athletic training or maintenance, or just a special treat, kids are welcome to receive massage. Depending on the individual, children who are new to massage and very young (pre-teenage kids) may prefer a shorter massage, so a half hour is a good starting amount. Teens often enjoy a full hour, and may prefer the modesty and movement provided by a Thai Yoga Massage, or a blend of Swedish and Thai massage. Parents or guardians are asked to remain in the room during the initial appointment, and may wish to attend each appointment after that, depending on the age of the child or other factors. Infant Massage Classes are available in group or private settings and are included in pregnancy massage and doula packages.

Hot Stone Massage

Please know that the therapist needs at least 1 hour notice to prepare for a Hot Stone Massage. Please notify therapist at time of booking. Not recommended for those with heart conditions or during summer, unless you enjoy saunas!


I sometimes utilize certified therapeutic grade essential oils in my studio. If you have severe plant allergies or are very sensitive to strong smells, please notify me at the time of your appointment. I will do my best to schedule your appointment after the studio has had time to air out, and will take caution not to schedule you after an aromatherapy session. For those who do enjoy scented plant oils, I am happy to add a customized topical or diffuser aromatherapy to any service for $5 to cover the cost of the products. You are also welcome to bring your own oils to an appointment for use in a session at no extra charge.


Pregnancy Massage

There is no additional charge for prenatal massage. I do offer massage to women who are in their first trimester, however please be advised that this is the time when chances of miscarriage are the highest, which is why many massage therapists do not accept first trimester patients. There is no scientific evidence that massaging a woman's ankles, belly, or back can trigger a miscarriage, however if you are high risk or experiencing worry about this, you may wish to wait until you are entering the second trimester for a massage. For high risk pregnancies, a doctor's note is strongly recommended, clearing you for massage or indicating you have talked to your care provider about whether there are particular concerns to take into consideration.

Latest scientific research shows that the safest position for massage of the back during pregnancy is in the sideline position, rather than face down, even though special pillows have been made for that purpose. This is because increased strain is placed on the uterine ligaments that may cause injury or separation of the uterus from the abdominal wall. I use a variety of pillows, including wedges, giant bolsters, and block pillows to maximize your comfort and safety at all points during a massage, to keep the spine aligned, weight shifted away from the aorta, support the arms, legs, and belly, and still provide a incredibly relaxing massage experience for you and your little one(s).


Travel Fee

A $25 fuel and setup fee will be added for travel to house calls. For clients in a hospital or nursing care facility, the charge is only $15. 

Infant Massage Classes

Infant massage is an ancient and highly intuitive process that's been taught mother to daughter for innumerable generations around the world. In our culture, many parents got out of the habit of touching their babies this way, and recent scientific studies have shown us the importance of loving touch early in life for cognitive and physical development, attachment and bonding, and for a variety of specific health issues.

Attend this one hour class with your baby and learn a simple massage routine you can do with your baby as a regular part of your daily care. It will include your own bottle of massage oil for baby and a take-home instruction booklet, as well as specific processes to soothe colic and constipation. It will be a fun class with plenty of opportunity to stop for feeding or diaper breaks, and then time to go over anything you missed at the end. Please bring baby, a couple of blankets, a cushion or pillow for you to sit on, and a mirror or toy to entertain baby. Please see the Infant Massage Instruction tab for more info.

Chair Massage$35 / 30 minutes
Couples Massage$170 / 90 minutes
Couples Massage$130 / 60 minutes
Hot Stone Therapy$100 / 90 minutes
Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Massage$70 / 60 minutes
Sports Massage$70 / 60 minutes
Swedish Massage$40 / 30 minutes
Swedish Massage$90 / 90 minutes
Swedish Massage$70 / 60 minutes
Thai Massage$80 / 60 minutes
Thai Massage$100 / 90 minutes
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