Body & Spirit Massage Therapy

About the Practitioner

Rebekah Hollenberg, LMT, CIMI
Trained in Massage at Midwest Technical Institute- East Peoria, IL

My Philosophy

I believe that the body and spirit are inseparably connected, and we are too often out of practice in mindfulness of integrating them fully and healthfully. I believe the human mind is more capable of self-healing and discovery than we tend to give it credit for, and massage is an important way to help quiet our minds, and tensed-up bodies, so that we can get back in touch with ourselves.

Ever since reading "The 5 Love Languages" in college, I realized one of my primary ways to give and receive love is through touch. After college, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona for 9 years. During that time, I discovered a love of massage and met several therapists who greatly increased my appreciation for the art.

Why I Chose  Massage

Personal tragedy altered my life path forever in April 2013, when the love of my life was killed. The pain was the worst I've ever felt, and I experienced the opening of a whole new way of thinking about love, and our places in the universe, through that difficult time that I may never have found otherwise. After his death, while I was crippled by grief, a dear friend brought some peaceful, calming essential oils and compassionate touch. It was that nurturing care that was fundamental for my healing and helped me realize how healing touch can be. My desire ever since has been to surround myself with it, both for my own process, and to help others along the way. Massage is as beneficial for me as it is for my clients, and I feel honored to be a part of it.

My Story

I grew up traveling all over the world. My parents' mission work took us from Illinois to South Africa, Swaziland, then back to Oklahoma before the age of 6. When I was 11, we moved again, this time to Papua New Guinea, where I spent 4 formative years learning Melanesian Tok Pisin, meeting people from all around the world and from cultures varying from stone age village life to visiting medical teams, hiking through idilyc tropical rainforests, and learning about medicine in the "third world."

At age 15, I returned to the States with my family, to live in Eureka, IL near my grandmother. I attended EHS for 3 years, graduating in 2001, and then attended college at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, IL, graduating in 2005. My final year of college, I spent 4 months living in Jerusalem, Israel. I studied Hebrew, Jewish Thought and Practice, history, archaeology, and the cultural background and physical settings of the Biblical writings. My bachelor's degree was in Biblical Studies, with a minor in New Testament translation.

After graduation, I fell in love with the desert Southwest during my 9 years in the Phoenix area. Since the enormous changes in my life have brought me back to Central Illinois, I am enjoying reconnecting to my roots and spending time with family here. I enjoy the sweetness of small town life and the reminder of how the seasons reflect the changes in our own lives. Still a world traveler at heart, I enjoy finding new and interesting opportunities for continuing my education, often incorporating my continuing education with travel opportunities. I look forward to the adventure ahead of me and staying open to whatever life has to offer!


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